About Kingsley Asset Management


EOS, the new DGCX technology platform will give the Exchange the ability to offer contracts in multiple currencies including UAE dirhams. Going forward, the new platform will also allow DCCC, fully owned clearing corporation of DGCX, to provide multi-currency settlement facilities. 

With its state-of-the-art matching engine, EOS is geared to the needs of high-frequency traders, who require ultra-low latency platforms to trade productively and profitably. 

The Exchange partnership with Cinnober, one of the worlds leading trading technology providers, offers an advanced technology platform designed to support DGCX Members increasingly sophisticated trading requirements. The activation of the EOS Platform marks the completion of DGCXs new technology infrastructure. 

The advanced platform provides DGCXs growing Member community with superior transaction speed, more efficient means to access liquidity, higher reliability, enhanced trading and clearing flexibility and global connectivity. The upgrade provides low latency network access, world-class risk-management, surveillance and clearing capabilities. 

The new technology gives the Exchange the ability to offer contracts in multiple currencies. DGCX will also be able to offer 24-hour market support on the new platform, enhancing the value it offers Members while also attracting new business opportunities from retail, institutional and high-frequency traders (HFTs). 

EOS-Trader is the light weight JAVA based Trader work station (TWS) client of the DGCX-EOS platform. This enables the members with basic functionalities to enterorder, create multiple customizable market watch, user specific perspectives and preference settings. As admin user It provides additional control features to define Trading protection limits etc. 

EOS-Clear is the light weight WEB based Clearing client of the DGCX-EOS platform.This enables the members with functionalities to view trades, position and manage client positions. It enables members to manage their risk with access to their real Initial and variation margin and collateral information.