Membership # DGCX

About DGCX
Dubai has historically been an international hub for the physical trade of not only gold, but also many other commodities and so the establishment of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) was the next logical step for the region and the local economy. DGCX commenced trading in November 2005 as the regions first commodity derivatives exchange and has become today, the leading derivatives exchange in the Middle East. DGCX is majority owned by Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), a strategic initiative of the Government of Dubai, with a mandate to enhance commodity trade flows through the Emirate by providing the appropriate physical, market, financial infrastructure and services required. The Management team of DGCX comprises senior personnel from the commodities, securities and financial services industries bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure the success of DGCX.

Benefits of Trading on DGCX

Our range of futures contracts offers participants of the physical commodities markets, such as producers, manufacturers and end users, with a sophisticated means of hedging their price risk exposure. Such price risk management has previously been unavailable to producers in the Middle East. In addition, DGCX offers trading opportunities to financial communities and investment houses in both the Middle East and around the globe who wish to access the growing asset class of commodity and currency derivatives.

¡úGuaranteed settlement and reduced counterparty risk provided by Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation (DCCC), a subsidiary 100% owned by DGCX
¡úThe advantage of transacting and clearing business within the UAE and thus the local taxation and regulatory regimes
¡úA simple fee structure - one fee for all participants. All participants also pay the same margin, whether commercial or non-commercial entities
¡úAn opening to both regional and international liquidity pools
¡úRobust risk management and surveillance systems
¡úUninterrupted trading hours from 7:30am ¨C 11:30pm (GMT +4)
¡úRegulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA)

Product Portfolio
The UAE enjoys an ideal location between the time zones of Europe and the Far East and DGCX offers a range of products from the precious metal, base metal, energy and currency sectors.