* Dubai has a longstanding history and an established trade in precious metals. DGCX launched its trading operations with the DGCX gold futures contract. The gold futures contract is based on 1 kilogram of gold (0.995 fineness) which is deliverable at DGCX approved vaults in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Symbol DCU
Contract Size 5 MT
Underlying Asset DGCX Copper Futures
Price Quote US$ per MT
Minimum Tick Size US$ 0.50 per MT (US$ 2.50 per contract)
Daily Price Movement Limit No Limit - Note 1*
Final Cash Settlement Price Basis The front month settlement price for Copper futures as made public by COMEX for the Last Day of Trading of the DGCX front month contract, converted using conversion factor of 2,204.623 to MT and rounded to the nearest DCU tick.
Quality Specification Grade 1Electrolytic Copper Cathodes (full plate or cut) conforming to the American Society for Testing and Materials (B115-00), or its latest revision.
Trading Months March, May, July, September, December. Minimum five (5) Contracts shall be listed for trading at all time
Trading Days Monday through Friday
Trading Hours 07.00 C 23.30 hrs
Last Trading Day Third last Business Day preceding the Delivery Month
New Contract Listing Business Day immediately following the Last Day of Trading
EFP / EFS/Block Trades As per DGCX By-Laws
Minimum Block size permitted is 200 contracts
Time Limit for EFP/EFS/Block Trade Registration Up to 15 minutes after cessation of trading on any Trading Day.
Position Limits
Max Open Position Limit As determined by the Exchange from time to time
Max Order Size 200 contracts


DGCX Steel Rebar Futures Contract, launched in 2007, is the first such contract to be listed as internationally accessible steel futures in the world. The contract is for 10 metric tons of Steel Rebar.

Symbol DSTL
Contract Size 10 tonnes
Underlying Asset Prime weldable steel reinforcement bar (rebar)
Quality Specification BS 4449 (1997) W 460 B Type 2
Delivery Months Monthly for four months forward
Last Trading Day First Thursday of delivery month. If first Thursday is a holiday then preceding trading day
New Contract Listing Business day immediately following the last trading day
Price Quote US$ per tonne
Tick Size US$ 1 per tonne (US$ 10 per contract)
Max Order Size 100 contracts
Trading Days Monday through to Friday
Trading Hours 10:00 - 18:00 Hours Dubai time (GMT+4)
Wholesale Trades EFS, EFP, Block trade facilities available
Initial Margin based on SPAN US$ 600 per contract (subject to change)
Calendar Spread Margin 50% benefit is offered on calendar spread positions.
Extra Margin At times of high volatility, an extra margin, as deemed fit by the Exchange, may be charged.
Delivery Period Margin During the last four days of trading the front contract a minimum Delivery Margin of US$ 1,200 per lot shall be applied.
Delivery related information
Delivery Unit 10 tonnes
Delivery Tolerance All 10 tonnes must adhere to piece counts and theoretical weights prescribed above. No deviation or delivery tolerance is permitted.
Approved CMI As approved by DGCX
Approved DCR Issuer As approved by DGCX
Approved Producers As approved by DGCX
Delivery Period The four Trading Days following the Last Trading Day
Notice Day Last Trading Day of the respective contract
Delivery Process Compulsory delivery as allocated by the Exchange on a random basis
Alternative Delivery Procedure Available in accordance with DGCX By-Laws K. 13
Delivery Instrument Dubai Commodity Receipt (DCR) with accompanying Mill Test Certificate per lot